24 October 2013

Exhibition Date

It has been brought to our attention that there has been an error printed in the Seaton Midweek Herald regarding the date of the exhibition at Seaton Town Hall next week.  I can confirm that  the correct date is Tuesday 29th October between 3 and 8pm.

23 October 2013

Lyme Bay Leisure set to rejuvenate Seaton Heights Hotel site

A fortnight ago a new planning application was lodged with East Devon District Council for a state of the art boutique hotel on the site of the former Seaton Heights Hotel. Seaton Heights Resort will comprise of 38 luxury rental lodges, hotel, gym, spa and restaurant.

Lyme Bay Leisure understands the importance of making the design deliverable, ensuring that new jobs are created for local people and that they attract visitors, which will benefit both the resort and the local area. Lyme Bay Leisure also plans to manage the site after completion ensuring that Seaton Heights Resort creates a lasting legacy that can be enjoyed by both visitors and local residents.

In September Lyme Bay Leisure held two public consultations which were attend by more than 350 people.  The site plans were met with an overwhelmingly positive response from local residents who were delighted that the resort would be open to the public. They urged Lyme Bay Leisure to press ahead with their plans but also to make the leisure facilities available bigger so that more people could benefit.

Lyme Bay Leisure plans to host a public exhibition of the revised scheme at Seaton Town Hall on the 29th of October to demonstrate to local residents that their ideas were taken on board and acted upon.

The new proposals announce a up-market leisure resort, a much less dense scheme including a hotel, restaurant, leisure and spa facilities and rental holiday cottages. Full details will be available at the public exhibition.

20 September 2013

Public Consultation Report

Over the past week we have been busy sorting through the plethora of questionnaires which were completed over the course of the public consultation.  From sending out 3500 leaflets, we had approximately 350 people attend the consultation and nearly 200 questionnaires were completed.

The outcome of these questionnaires has been overwhelmingly supportive with the most popular opinion being that the development cannot come soon enough, to help bring more tourism and employment to the area.

The main question posed was Seaton residents wanted to know whether the leisure and food and beverage facilities would be available to them, as well as to the residents of the hotel and holiday homes.  The answer to this is that Seaton residents will be able to use all the facilities available at the Gatehouse.   The other main concern was that residents would like the site to be sympathetic to the surroundings.  It has always been an important consideration to us that the natural beauty is to be preserved and we hope that by using natural locally sourced materials to construct the buildings, as well as setting them into the landscape, the beauty of the surroundings will be preserved.  We will take into consideration the comments about the facilities being larger also and will discuss this with the EDDC.

In the coming weeks we will upload some of the plans for the site onto the website and facebook.

public consultation public consultation1 public consultation2 public consultation3 public consultation4 public consultation5 public consultation6 public consultation7

13 September 2013

Public Consultation

We would firstly like to thank you all for turning out in your hundreds to our Public Consultation’s on both Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th September, we appreciate you giving up your time to let us know your thoughts on our proposal.

We are currently looking at all your comments and will give you a full report on the exhibition in the coming week.

We have also held meetings with key stakeholders, and adjacent business’. The outcome of these meetings were very positive. We will submit this along with the exhibition report.